Access Hours – Access Hours

When you’re searching for a Chicago storage unit, one thing that’s important to consider is the type of access hours offered by each facility. These will vary based on location and the ownership of each facility, so you need to mindful of the potential limited hours your storage unit will be accessible. The three typical hours of operations at storage facilities are as follows.

  • Basic Business Hours – These are open within the timeframe of a typical workday, usually something similar to 8am-5pm.
  • Extended Access Hours – Other facilities offer extended hours where the facility will remain open late into the evening.
  • 24-Hour Access – Recently, some facilities have gone to 24/7 access utilizing gate codes and video surveillance to ensure security overnight.

Why Storage Unit Access Hours are Important

There are various scenarios in which each option may be more beneficial or detrimental to you while renting a storage unit in Chicago. If you work an 8 to 5 job, a storage unit with extended access hours would allow you to swing by your storage unit almost any time you want after you get home from work. That amount of flexibility can be great to have.

If you want even more flexibility when it comes to accessing your stored belongings, you could find a Chicago self storage facility that offers 24-hour access. Providing the ultimate in terms of access means that you never have to arrange your plans around the hours of operation of your storage unit.

Business Storage and Access Hours

Having unrestricted access hours for storage is never more important than it is for businesses that utilize storage units. If your business uses self storage to store equipment or supplies, then you don’t want to have to jump through any hoops to get access to the items that make your business successful. Time is money for any business owner, so time spent waiting for the storage facility to open would be money wasted. Using a 24-hour access storage unit will allow your business to operate on its own schedule.