Get the most value from your storage facility

Getting the Most Out of Your Chicago Storage Unit

In order to get the most out of your Chicago self storage experience, it’s important that you determine the best storage location for your convenience, find the correct storage unit size for your specific needs, and select storage features that will protect your storage items.

Determining the Best Storage Location

Location is key for many Chicago storage unit renters. Apartment renters don’t want to trek across town to get their belongings, and businesses can’t afford to spend time driving across town to access their inventory. This is why it’s a good idea to consider location when looking for a Chicago storage facility.

If you’re going to need frequent access to your unit, spending more for a convenient location is worth it in the long run. However, should you only need to get to your belongings once or twice a year, you can save money by renting a Chicago storage unit on the outskirts of town.

Keep in mind that you need to determine your access needs prior to renting. For instance, if you’re looking to save some money by finding a storage location outside of town but need to make several trips to your unit throughout the year, any rental savings will be burned up in fuel costs.

Finding the Correct Storage Unit Size

One factor many storage users can struggle to pin down is how small or large their Chicago storage unit needs to be. This can make a huge difference in the price you pay each month. To eliminate the hassle—and possible unnecessary spending—you should take inventory of what you’re looking to store.

If you’re an apartment renter wanting to expand your square footage by organizing and packing up your seasonal clothing or recreational gear, a 5×5 or 5×10 unit will be perfect. These units are small and affordable, essentially giving you a spare closet. On the flipside of the coin, if you’re looking to store your boat, you’re obviously going to need a 10×30 unit.

Selecting Additional Storage Features

Whether it’s using a number of security features or beating the heat with climate control, storage units are equipped with a wide range of amenities—you can even find units with electrical outlets! However, while there are plenty of options to choose from, if you want to get the most out of your storage unit, you’ll have to be selective with storage features.

Looking to store some outdoor recreational gear that’s fully equipped and capable of handling extreme temperatures? Chances are you won’t need climate control, but you might want video surveillance to protect your expensive equipment. Now, if you’re storing a musical instrument or antique furniture, climate control would be a better option, as it can protect these sensitive items from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations.

When trying to get the most out of your Chicago storage unit, it all comes down to what you need most. Once you’ve figured out what you need in a storage unit, you can take advantage of all of the options available to you.