Vehicle Storage

Finding a place to keep a vehicle in Chicago isn’t always the easiest task.

Car Storage

Chicago residents can often go for extended periods of time without using their cars. Walking from destination to destination is usually an option, plus public transportation is easily accessible. Because of this, many people look to find an affordable place to store their car during these times.

Self storage facilities are a great option for anyone in this situation. Some of the benefits that storage facilities can provide include:

  • An affordable vehicle storage solution
  • A safe, monitored environment
  • Upkeep features, such as trickle charging

Auto storage at self storage facilities is used in many different scenarios including:

  • Infrequent use of automobile due to ability to use other forms of transportation
  • Military deployment for an extended period of time
  • Storing classic cars that require specific storage conditions

Boat Storage

Easy access to Lake Michigan makes boating very possible for Chicago residents. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find a place to store a boat. There are on-water storage options available, but this isn’t always the most ideal option when looking to store a boat for an extended period of time.

Self storage facilities in the area offer a better solution. Both indoor and outdoor parking spaces are available and can be more affordable than other boat storage options. This will not only save your boat from the unnecessary stress that occurs when stored on the water, but can save you money as well.

Renting Vehicle Storage

When looking to rent a vehicle storage space, make sure to consider a few things:

  • Security – Making sure that your facility has security features, such as surveillance cameras and alarms, is important. Any vehicle worth storing is worth protecting with these features.
  • Access Hours – The last thing you would want is to not have access to a vehicle when you need it most. Make sure to figure out the access hours at each facility before making a decision.

Price – More than likely, anyone looking at vehicle storage options is aware of price. Take the time to compare different options to find the best price, but make sure to factor in the importance of the quality of the facility and the two previously mentioned factors before settling on the cheapest option.